In her new courageous and informative book, Dr. Sheila Loanzon, aka the “Compassionate Gynecologist”, shares her personal experience of herpes from diagnosis, acceptance, and full disclosure. Her mission is to support those diagnosed with herpes through their own journey to deepen connections with themselves as well as grow and expand in relationship to others.


A courageous and personal story that I hope inspires and empowers anyone who’s felt that there’s something wrong with them because of disease. As patient and physician, Dr Loanzon takes empathy to another level. Dr. Larry Burchett, MD

Author of “The Gentlemen’s Diet”

Dr. Sheila Loanzon does an incredible job sharing her personal journey with herpes, as well as educating us on the reality of this prevalent STD. Her book is a page turner, chock full of valuable perspectives like: releasing shame about herpes, communicating openly with sexual partners, and being informed about the details of this STD. I highly recommend her book to anyone wanting to gain a heartfelt and illuminating understanding of herpes. So grateful for her insight! Juna Mustad, SEP, Life & Relationship Coach

Co-founder of

It’s a rare person who is willing to come out into the open about a shameful secret to help the tens of millions who are imprisoned by it. Not since Kay Jamison’s ground breaking and shame freeing, An Unquiet Mind, about her “secret” bipolar illness has a book as courageous as Dr. Loanzon’s come forth to offer comfort and hope to so many people. Dr. Mark Goulston, MD

Author of “Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone”